I am particularly interested in finding the fine line between reality and abstraction, between the literal and the enigmatic. I search for patterns and forms that will lead me to elemental sculptural forms and I often find them in the chaotic clutter of building sites, demolitions and abandoned relics. I get inspired not only from such urban settings but also from nature: I have always picked up and carried home stones, tree bark and lichens to admire their detail and texture. I relate to and internalize the sparse and austere landscape of barren rock or snow covered fields. This search for simplification of form and for abstraction is affirmation of my personal views, it is who I am.

Atia Pokorny graduated in Architectural Engineering from Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic and before coming to Canada worked as an architect in the field of restoration of heritage buildings. After settling in Toronto, she transformed her career and together with her husband David Pokorny, founded Synthesis Group Inc., a company under which she has provided services as a conservator of works of art, ceramics, sculpture, as well as archaeological and ethnographic material. She has been responsible for care of collections owned by both private collectors and public institutions.

As a self-taught photographer, she has always been keen on recording her surroundings, travels and work. This interest eventually became a more sustained and serious endeavor drawing on her background in architecture and a continued lifetime engagement with art.
Member of Gallery 44, Centre for Contemporary Photography.

Solo exhibition:
'Space Revisited', Gallery 44 Members' Gallery, fall 2016

Group exhibitions:
Contact 2016, 'Ellipsis', Gallery 44 members at Gallery 1313
Salon 44, Gallery 44, 2016
'365', Gallery 44, 2016
Photopia 2015, Gallery 44
Snap! Act Toronto, silent auction 2015
'All that Stays Warm in the Memory' (curated by Clint Roenish), Propeller, 2015


photo David Pokorny